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Our Guarantee

At Powered By Green Fuel we want you to use our Green Fuel Tabs, Truck Fuel Tabs and GFT/Liquid with complete confidence. That’s why we offer two ways to protect your peace-of-mind and your investments.
Powered By Green Fuel proudly offers an absolute risk free money-back guarantee. If, after following our testing procedures, you don’t achieve the improved mileage and savings we advertise, we will refund you what you paid for our product(s).

While testing and continued use of Green Fuel Tabs products, Powered By Green Fuel wants you to be reassured our products are completely safe for all your vehicles and engines. Upon Request, and at no additional cost to you, your company (or you as a vehicle owner) will be added to an insurance policy that covers up to $1,000,000 USD of liability per occurrence (per vehicle or engine) if it is determined that our product is the direct cause of failure to your engine. Our “Product Liability” insurance offer is almost unheard of and gives you a level of protection and peace-of-mind you seldom find in this industry. Just one more reason why using products from Powered By Green Fuel is the “Right Choice”.

Green Fuel Tabs Comes with a Money-Back Offer if You are Not Completely Satisfied

Green Fuel Tabs

If you follow the test procedures detailed below, and do not see savings that are at least as much as the cost of the product, THEN Green Fuel Tabs will refund to you the difference of the amount of money you saved using the product and the actual cost of the product, up to the price of one (1) GFT 10 tablet pack.

In order to qualify for a refund, the customer must provide copies of fuel purchase receipts along with a completed mileage log sheet to verify that the entire test procedure was followed by the customer.

Test Procedures:

  • Establish a baseline for your cars MPG/KPL by tracking your mileage, without using the Green Fuel Tabs, by utilizing the log sheet for 3 consecutive fill-ups. DO NOT use your vehicle’s on-board computer for mileage tracking for your test.
  • Treat your fuel with Green Fuel Tabs – 1 tablet per 10 gallons (38 liters) of fuel
  • Drive your vehicle for a minimum of 15 minutes to circulate the treated fuel. This will allow your vehicle’s on-board computer to adjust to the new fuel mixture.
  • Unplug both battery terminals for 30 minutes – then re-attach.
  • Use a minimum of 10 full tanks of fuel treated with Green Fuel Tabs. Continue tracking with the GFT Mileage Log. (provided below)
  • Calculate your mileage and you should see a significant MPG/KPL improvement; however, if you do not, then return the completed log to Powered By Green Fuel – using the office address on our contact page.