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Baguio City, Philippines Starts Emission Test on GFT

January, 2019

Powered By Green Fuel line of products are simple to use and easy to store; no fuss or mess. A true green fuel technology, they are one of the best MPG Product lines available. For most applications you just drop a tablet in the tank. Some vehicles have small flap type cover in the gas tank spout. No problem! Just let the tab fall on the flap. When you insert the gas nozzle the flap will open and the tab will be carried into the tank by the fuel you pump. 

Antipolo City, Philippines Begins Using Green Fuel Tabs

May, 2019

The Honorable Mayor, Casimiro “Jun” Ynares III of Antipolo City, Philippines approves using Green Fuel Tabs for city vehicles.  

Cape Divine, Two Wells, South Australia Product Testimonial

June, 2022

We started using Green Fuel Technology products supplied by Powered By Green Fuel Pty Ltd in September 2019. At first, we commenced using the product in 1 of our prime Movers. A 2012 Mack for hauling scrap metal. We quickly noticed an improvement in engine performance and fuel economy of approximately 15% and decided to use Green Fuel products to treat every engine in the company range.

We now treat our main fuel supply holding tank with Green Fuel additive that treats the engines of all our trucks, company vehicles, and crushers. Cranes, loaders. Virtually everything.