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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long has Powered By Green Fuel been in business?

Powered By Green Fuel has been in business for ten (10) years.

No, Green Fuel Tabs are made in the USA in the state of California. The production of Green fuel tabs are never made by third parties and your Green Fuel Tabs will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer.

Yes, Green Fuel Tabs have been in use for over 25 Years. Powered By Green Fuel has also has a $1 Million Insurance Policy for any vehicle, Boat, or Heavy Equipment that uses Green Fuel Tabs. This policy has been in place for over 20 years with ZERO Claims paid out.

Yes, Green Fuel Tabs are designed to be used with all fossil fuels including gasoline and diesel engines.

Yes, Green Fuel Tabs work with both inboard and outboard engines, as long as your engine runs on fossil fuels such as unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel.

Using Green Fuel Tabs or Green Fuel Liquid is an EXCELLENT way to reduce your operating cost and can drastically reduced the annual gallons of gasoline and diesel that need to keep your fleet up and running. Additionally, the reduction in emission from your fleet is not only better for the environment, but it can actually also help to reduce your maintenance cost.

No, Green Fuel Tabs are not made to be used in Planes, Jets, Helicopters, Drones, or any other aircraft. Powered by Green Fuel does not recommend, promote, or endorse this product for such usage. Powered By Green Fuel accepts no liability for any damage, and expressly disclaims any and all liability for damage caused by the use of Green Fuel Tabs in any type of aircraft.

Yes, Green Fuel Tabs are made in California, USA.

Green Fuel Tabs are not designed to be used with a fully electrical vehicle; however, it may be used with Hybrid vehicles that utilize a gasoline or diesel engine as well as battery power.